Tuesday, July 27

Power Clubs set for PDL Playoff Test

Last-minute letdowns affected some of the top teams in the SNA PDL Power Rankings as defeats against quality opposition created the slip of a few clubs in the Top 10, allowing the Ottawa Fury and Michigan Bucks to move up. But the real test starts this weekend with the conference tournaments where upsets are not only commonplace, but tradition.

With Portland having locked up the top spot a week ago with a perfect record, Mississippi followed suit with a pair of victories, including one against highly-ranked Baton Rouge to also finish unbeaten to secure the second spot.

The clubs in the Top 10 remained relatively the same despite some movement. Also suffering a loss were Thunder Bay, who split a series with Rochester, and Reading, which fell to the division’s third-place Central Jersey Spartans, who have made a late run in the season to earn a spot in the rankings at 23. The trio were surpassed by Ottawa, 2-0 winners against Westchester, and Michigan, which jumped from 11 to six with a pair of victories on the road.

Also moving up this week were Rochester, courtesy of their win at Thunder Bay, and MPS Portland, who topped Long Island in a match that propelled them to the postseason.

In addition to Central Jersey making its SNA Rankings debut, the Houston Leones came out of nowhere in the Mid South to slip into the playoffs via tiebreaker with DFW. Houston won at DFW, 3-2, and notched a 2-1 win over West Texas, two playoff contenders, in the last week. They suffered just one loss in their final seven games, a defeat against division-winner Laredo, whom they also tied 2-2 during the run. Laredo, unfortunately, simultaneously suffered a setback with a loss and draw at El Paso, whose six wins have all been at home (6-1-1).

SNA PDL Power Rankings

(red for division champion, yellow for playoffs)

1 – Portland Timbers U23s (16-0-0): Idle.

2 – Mississippi Brilla (11-0-3): 7-2 win over C Florida, 1-0 win over Baton Rouge.

3 – Forest City London (10-1-5): 4-2 win against Cleveland.

4 – Kitsap Pumas (12-2-2): 6-3 win at Vancouver, 3-2 win at Tacoma.

5 – Ottawa Fury (11-2-3): 2-0 win over Westchester.

6 – Michigan Bucks (11-3-2): 3-1 win at Toronto, 3-0 win at Indiana.

7 – Baton Rouge Capitals (9-2-3): 0-1 loss at Mississippi.

8 – Thunder Bay Chill (12-2-2): 2-1 win and 2-1 loss against Rochester.

9 – Reading United AC (10-2-4): 4-2 win against New Jersey, 1-2 loss at Central Jersey.

10 – Ventura County Fusion (11-4-1): 3-0 win against LA.

The Rest of the Best: 11 Hollywood United Hitmen (10-3-3) – 12 Dayton Dutch Lions (8-3-5) – 13 Rochester Thunder (10-3-3)14 MPS Portland Phoenix (10-2-4) – 15 Real Colorado Foxes (7-3-6) – 16 Chicago Fire (9-5-2) – 17 Ironbound Express (10-3-3) – 18 Long Island Rough Riders (8-4-4) – 19 Tacoma Tide (9-4-3) – 20 Atlanta Blackhawks (6-4-4) – 21 Central Florida Kraze (6-5-3) – 22 Central Jersey Spartans (8-5-3) – 23 Laredo Heat (9-5-2)24 Houston Leones (7-5-4) – 25 Victoria Highlanders (7-6-3)

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