Sunday, September 19

Salvadoran Players Shot in Car-Jacking

Three players returning home after their Isidro Metapan match Saturday evening against Universidad de El Salvador were the target of what is believed to be a car-jacking at a gas station with two players victims of gunfire.

El Salvador Youth International defender Nelson Rivera, son of former Salvadoran international Nelson Portillo, is the most severely injured as a bullet entered his head at the ear and was considered in critical condition after four hours of surgery. It is believed that the bullet that struck Rivera, 19, was the same that grazed the head of teammate and driver Andres Flores. Also in the car was 19-year-old Kevin Santamaria.

Reportedly, the trio stopped at the gas station to refill when two assailants approached the car. When the players saw the weapons, they responded by running from the area, which prompted the gunmen to fire at the car before fleeing themselves.

Isidro Metapan were victorious in the match earlier against UES, 2-1, and are at the top of the table with a record of 5-1-2 and 16 points. The 20-year-old Flores, a youth international dating back to the U15's in 2002, played the entire match for the club and has one goal so far this season.

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