Wednesday, March 21

Stories Of the Day: Consequences

Today’s items focus on consequences… good, bad and undecided…

Tracking Your Moves: A great feature on the Philadelphia Union’s rewards program describes the benefits available for season ticket holders. The system awards points based on which games they attend or watch as well as other team events they participate in.

Atlantic Round-Trip: I feel for Thierry Henry as a concerned former teammate of Fabrice Muamba, but your club has one goal in a pair of losses to open the season. Is now really a good time to take a couple days to fly across the Atlantic when you have a big home opener Sunday against a 2-0 Colorado side? 

Speaking of Being Unbeaten:
A quickie from Simon Borg on MLSsoccer points out the odds of teams making the playoffs after a 2-0 start is quite good. That’s great news for KC, Houston, RSL, Colorado and Vancouver.

Bad News from a Beat Down:
It looks like the consequences of a player-involved tussle at a bar are getting out of hand itself. A Houston police officer, who was off duty at the time, is not only filing suit against the players, but the Houston Dynamo, seriously. I’d love to hear the lawyer’s rationale for this one.

Side Note - MLS on NBC Primetime: So, as I was typing this up, I had Whitney running on the tube. In one of my occasional glances up at the screen, l noticed one of the apartment sets featured a giant, what I am assuming, schedule magnet for the Chicago Fire on the refrigerator that must have easily been about a square foot in area. Now, sports product placement is certainly not new for NBC, but it is nice to see the network pushing it’s MLS relationship beyond the sports channel and into the mainstream – though I am not sure we should be proud it was on Whitney (only had it on because everything else was repeat or reality, ugh).

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