Wednesday, March 28

Stories Of the Day: Misbehavior

It looks like the theme of the day is behaving badly…

Bumbling in Brazil: On the very day that FIFA officials met with the new leadership of the Brazilian soccer federation, news broke that Brazilian coach Mano Menezes refused a breathalyzer test when stopped at a police checkpoint after midnight last night. As if  the new administration did not already have enough on its plate with World Cup hosting preparation drama, now they have to deal with trouble on the football side of things.  

Precedent for Profanity now Three Games: Major League Soccer announced its punishment for Dynamo midfielder Colin Clark, who uttered a profane gay slur at a ball kid in Friday’s game in Seattle. The punishment laid out was three games, an undisclosed fine and sensitivity training. Three games seems a little harsh, but given the salaries in the league, it is difficult to issue a comparable penalty that other major leagues have levied on its star players. All in all, it is a fair result. Though it was allegedly the heat of the battle, it was really only seven minutes into the game and a ball kid dropping the ball instead of tossing it to him in essentially was the midfield – what exactly was the big dramatic rush there that would justify any kind of complaint, profane or not.

Tussle in Toronto: If you have not seen it yet, I am sure the video will be making the rounds soon enough. Following the 1-1 CCL draw between Toronto and Santos Laguna, in which the hosts played well against a visiting side that finished with 10 men, a fracas broke out between players on the two clubs. Star Santos Laguna striker Carlos Quintero struck at TFC player after the final whistle, which drew a post-game red card from the official and sparked the post-game shoving contest that could, perhaps, result in more punishments being handed out.

Side Notes

Speaking of Santos Laguna: As a former USL staffer, it continues to be a treat to see Herculez Gomez, a USL Second Division find, continue to excel. It looks like a Mexican club has finally decided to give him more of an opportunity, and he is not disappointing. Soccer By Ives put together a great look at his recent success.

Pizzolitto Retires: Another standout in USL, Nevio Pizzolitto called it a career after 17 seasons today. He was always one of the best defenders in the USL First Division for Montreal, drawing the ire and respect from the opposition. I always liked that name too… but maybe that’s because I enjoy pizza.

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