Saturday, March 17

Stories Of the Day: Powerhouses

Tonight, I take a look at two completely different aspects of the game, but with arguably its two powerhouse clubs.

Big Money = Big Advantage: ESPN-LA writer Scott French reports on the impact of the Los Angeles Galaxy’s newly announced 10-year extension of its sponsorship deal with Herbalife. He quotes AEG president and CEO Tim Leiweke about how the local deals - Herbalife and broadcast deal totaling 99 million over 20 years combined – give the club a significant edge in comparison to the other clubs that have a much larger percentage of their revenue coming via the league’s single-entity system of sharing. Two areas in particular benefit from the addition revenue. The less glamorous side is the youth development programs the club operates. The high profile area is in money available for Designated Player salaries. While other clubs search for bargains that hopefully won’t be busts, the more local money the club brings in frees the Galaxy to spend money on players that are almost certain to be successful in the league.

Wave Drown Opposition Again: Can anyone dethrone the Milwaukee Wave? It doesn’t look like it, even with one of the Major Indoor Soccer League’s other perennial contenders, Baltimore Blast, going up against them in the championship series, which kicked off Friday. Game 2 is set for Sunday with a mini-game scheduled for immediately after should the Blast be victorious.

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